Stock Up on Thanksgiving Staples +15% Off

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It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is going to be here in JUST over a month. But we know that just as fast as the leaves will change and start to fall, we’ll be in a flurry of baking, shopping, cooking, and hosting. Save yourself a pre-Thanksgiving meltdown by stocking up on your cooking staples now – and have them delivered right to your door before Turkey Day!

bell-s-all-natural-seasoning-1-oz-7Bell’s All-Natural Seasoning 

As far as New Englanders are concerned this is the only turkey seasoning that matters when it comes to your Thanksgiving Day bird.




bell-s-ready-mixed-stuffing-16-oz-17Bell’s Ready-Mix Stuffing

Bell’s is the best turkey stuffing for any holiday meal; a variety of preparations are available including poultry, pork, fish, or vegetables.




b-m-bread-brown-with-raisins-16-oz-7B&M Brown Bread with Raisins

The most traditional way to have canned brown bread is alongside B&M Baked Beans!






one-pie-pumpkin-15-oz-7One-Pie Pumpkin

This nostalgic brand has not changed in years, you can tell just by looking at One-Pie’s label. The recognizable canned pumpkin is an admired Thanksgiving dessert recipe.




If you’re looking to upgrade your turkey roasters, we have a full-line of roasting racks and gadgets to help you make your holiday meal.

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–The gang at Famous Foods

Three Fall Recipes with a Can of One-Pie Pumpkin


Happy October, friends & foodies!

The turn in the weather has us thinking about all-things pumpkin and firing up our ovens to fill our homes (and bellies) with delicious pumpkin desserts.

If you’re like us, simplicity is key – and that goes for our baking needs, too. So we dug up three recipes you can make with your one-pie pumpkin.

pumpkin-whoopie-pies-dt2Pumpkin Whoopie Pies 

Put a fall twist on your chocolate whoopie pie with the pumpkin spice version.




pumpkin cookiesPumpkin Cookies 

You can’t beat soft, pumpkin cookies with vanilla glaze!




pumpkin-cream-cheese-roll-recipePumpkin Cream Cheese Roll 

Nothing sets a perfect fall table like a autumn-esque cream cheese roll. And it only takes 35 minutes to make!





Check out our full line of pumpkin products on Use code PUMPKIN for 10% off your order this week and don’t forget to check out the rest of our New England Fall Favorites.

Catch you guys and ghouls next week!

-The Gang at Famous Foods 


Fall Into Comfort Foods (and 10% Savings!)

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Calling all Fall fans and foodies: 

The windy and rainy weather this week is the perfect reminder of one of our favorite things about fall: the warm comfort food! Whether it’s a steaming bowl of clam chowder on a cloudy day or a peanut butter and fluff sandwich to remind you of back to school, fall is the perfect time to stock up on your cool weather favorites and enjoy the taste of autumn. If you’d rather spend the crisp days out and about, shop online and save on some of your fall must-haves by using coupon code: FALL to save 10% on Code valid from September 23-29, 2017.
seawatch chowderClam Chowder and Mixes

Settle in with a big bowl of clam chowder to hang on to the taste of summer while enjoying the coziness of fall.

Shop Clam Cake Mixes/Clam Chowders & Quahogs




marshmallow fluffMarshmallow Fluff

The perfect taste of back-to-school with a New England favorite – we don’t know about you, but our sandwiches are always better when they are heavy on the fluff.

Shop sandwich essentials



bell seasoning

Spices and Seasonings 

If your breaking out the slow cookers and stew pots, you’ll need to have your spice rack stocked with everything to make your soups and stews New England delicious.

Shop all spices and seasonings



We hope your days are filled with fun and your evenings are filled with Famous fall foods. Enjoy!

-Your fellow fall fanatics at Famous Foods

Game Day Food Favorites + 10% Off


Hi Cooking Fans and Foodies!

Football season is officially on! That means our weekends are now filled with FOOD and FOOTBALL. Whether you tailgate or host a game day party at your place remember to put out your best game-day food favorites. To kick-off our favorite time of year, use Coupon Code: GAMEDAY to save 10% off your order at Code is valid from September 16-22, 2017.

Game Day Food Favorites


Kayem hot dogKayem Hot Dogs & Franks

Grill up or steam your favorite hot dogs for the big game! Setting up a hot dog bar is an easy way to make your tailgate or house party more fun!

Shop Kayem


GASPARS CouponGaspar’s Portuguese Meats

Put Gaspar’s Linguica, Chourico, and Kielbasa on your list for gameday must-haves.

Shop Gaspar’s


toppings cainMustard, Pickles, Relish & More

Before you invite the team over stock up on your favorite condiments.
Pickles and Relish
Barbecue Sauces

Condiments, Sauces, Dressings, & More


Enjoy the football season!

-The Gang at

Back to School Nostalgia

Back to School Nostalgia

It’s back to school time and it has us thinking about our favorite nostalgic lunchbox items we still can enjoy today. Think back to your school-age days;  you may have had Peggy Lawton Cookies or maybe Necco Wafers stashed in your lunchbox. Reminicse in back to school nostalgia and revive those happy memories with your favorites from back then!

This week save 10% on your entire order of back to school nostalgia and more! At checkout use Coupon Code LUNCHBOX to apply the offer. Only valid between September 2-8, 2017.

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Food Favorites to Get you Through the Dog Days of Summer

Hi Cooking Fans and Foodies!
Speaking of dog days of summer; have you ever kept your Drake’s Devil Dogs in the fridge? One little known secret is that these delicious devil’s food cake morsels are a delicious way to cool-down in the summer. The chilled sweet cream filling and moist chocolate cake are undeniably indulgent on a warm day or any day for that matter! Drake’s continues to be a food favorite to a growing number of people and we don’t have to wonder why! Also available are the long-lost Funny Bones, Ring Dings, Yodels, and Yankee Doodles.
More Food Favorites to Get you Through the Dog Days of Summer
We can’t mention the dog days of summer and not address the most important dog of all, and no it’s not your dog Fido! In the case of summertime food favorites it has to be hot dogs! Some tried and true New England favorites include Kayem, Saugy, and Deutschmacher. Shop all your favorite franks!
And of course we can’t forget the New England food favorites that make summers here more special!
Del’s Lemonade – Bring the fresh and sweet taste of Del’s home with select dry mixes.
Gaspar’s – The flavor of Gaspar’s Portuguese smoked sausages is unique and truly a summertime favorite!
Autocrat Coffee Syrup – Stir up a cold glass of coffee milk!
-The Gang at