National Oatmeal Cookie Day


National Oatmeal Cookie Day is April 30th and it has us thinking about Peggy Lawton Oatmeal Cookies. They are a true comfort food for New Englanders and do not fail to make your cooking cravings crumble. The cookie’s sweet aroma and taste make it one of the best oatmeal cookies on the East Coast.

Peggy Lawton has been in business for over 60 years baking your favorite; Choco-Chip Cookies, Fudge Brownies, Butter Crunch Cookies, Sugar Shortbread Cookies, and Chunk Chocolate Cookies. Peggy Lawton cookies make great gifts or as treats to have at home. Each pack contains 36 cookies, 3 to each pack.

pegs cookies

Happy National Blueberry Pie Day! 2015-04-14 11-23-04

 There’s a day to celebrate blueberry pie?

Our only answer to that is, “Yes, of course!” When you think of flavors for pie filling, blueberry is within the top ten. If you don’t believe us ask the nearest person next to you to name off ten different pie flavors. New Englanders have been eating blueberry pies since Columbus landed from sailing the ocean blue. And TownTalk has been baking them since 1924 with only the best blueberries possible! Wild Maine Blueberries are harvested for Table Talk Pies which are still baked in Worcestor, MA. Celebrate National Blueberry Pie Day on April 28th with the best, Table Talk Pies!

Blueberries in Maine

National Jelly Bean Day

Jelly Belly BeanApril 22nd, is National Jelly Bean Day. The most notable brand is Jelly Belly which has 50 “official flavors” which are anything from Strawberry Jam to Toasted Marshmallow. Some other collections of Jelly Belly Beans are: Jewel Bean Collection, Jelly Bean Chocolate Dip, BeanBoozled, Sunkist Citrus Mix, Soda Pop Shoppe, Cocktail Classics, Snapple Mix, Sugar-Free Assorted, and Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Let us know what flavors you will be snacking on National Jelly Bean Day.

OfficialFlavorsCan’t choose a Jelly Belly flavor? You don’t have to when you have the 50-Flavor Gift Box!

GiftBox50_Flavor50-Flavor Gift Box from Jelly Belly.  All of Jelly Belly’s official jelly bean flavors are included. A perfect gift!  Flavors include Very Cherry, Buttered Popcorn, Green Apple and all the rest. There’s also a flavor guide on the inside lid that names each flavor.  $18.95


Jelly Belly Bertie Botts Case


Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans come in 20 different flavors. You have a 50/50 shot of eating a flavor you would expect like Cherry or Blueberry. But beware because your next bite could be a Grass flavored Jelly Belly Bean or Earwax!

See available sizes and prices.



These are the kind of Jelly Belly Beans that you have to try! Each box is a game of chance. Is the brown jelly bean Chocolate Pudding or could it be Canned Dog Food? You can only know once you try it! BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Third Edition are a fun way to eat your favorite brand of jelly beans.


See available sizes and prices.


Yummy New England Style Clam Chowder

All along the coast of New England, there is one food staple that you will see popup on restaurant menus, clam shack snack boards, and local grocery store circulars again and again. It’s secondary ingredients are potatoes, onions, and milk or cream. Can you guess what that food staple would be? If you are from New England, then you know right off hand what I’m talking about, if not then then I’m sure you have at least heard about this steaming concoction some New Englanders call “chowdah”.

new england style clam chowder

SeaWatch New England Style Clam Chowder

SeaWatch New England Style Clam Chowder has been produced by Sea Watch International for over 35 years. They start of with succulent sea clams that have been harvested in the Atlantic and add potatoes, sea clam juice, dehydrated celery, onions, and spices for even more flavor. Add in extra ingredients to make this chowder your very own. Some suggested extra ingredients could be bacon, thyme, basil, celery, chives, black pepper, and even Tabasco sauce–anything to make it your own! Continue reading

Dark Chocolate: Come to the Dark Side

Chocolate how can you not crave it? For starters choosing between dark chocolate and milk chocolate is your first step. And just so you know (because I didn’t) white chocolate is NOT chocolate at all. White chocolate uses cocoa butter but not the cocoa solid that gives regular chocolate it’s color and flavor. Instead milk, sugar, and vegetable oil is used to turn it into white chocolate. (Thank you Buzzfeed for that information!) So back to the star of the show: Dark Chocolate, which can actually “satiate your hunger” and make you feel full longer. I tasted…I mean tested this out and found that I could eat a greater portion of milk chocolate then I could dark chocolate.

dark chocolate

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Lunch Milk Crackers Bring Fond Memories


Heritage Mills Lunch Milk Crackers

Classic Lunch Milk Crackers by Heritage Mills have been described as, ” a great snack cracker” but at we think they are more than that. Through discussions with relatives, costumers, and foodie fans alike, we have found that these lunch milk crackers do more than just fill our stomachs. Individuals who grew up eating milk crackers know that there are fond memories attached to every serving of light and crispy crackers. Like Diane, who shared this fond moment of her and her grandfather on our Facebook page:

“When I was a kid, my grandfather would lay several [ lunch milk crackers ] on a plate, heat boiling water and slowly pour over them and then drain water off and sprinkle sugar or cinnamon sugar on them and give me a spoon! They were yummy…”

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Fresh Spindrift Ginger Beer

For those that love refreshment with emphasis on the “FRESH”, the team over at Spindrift has released the world’s first FRESH GINGER BEER! With 5 lbs of fresh ginger in every case the taste is eye-opening, and well balanced with the freshly squeezed California lemon juice and touch of cane sugar.

spindrift ginger beer

Spindrift Ginger Beer is raw, real and delicious. Each bottle contains more than twice the ginger of the leading competitor with 13% less sugar!  It is a hot ingredient in popular cocktails like the Dark ‘n Stormy and Moscow Mule. Need more of an excuse to purchase Ginger Beer?  Check out recipes on Pinterest!

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