Fill Your Summer Menu with All Things New England


Happy mid-July, friends and foodies!

It always seems like summer starts to slip by extra quick once the 4th is over, so we’re trying to soak in every minute we can here in the Northeast. That means we’re firing up the grills, stocking our fridges with New England favorites, and tasting summer the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – slowly and with the people who bring us joy!

If you’re looking to add a bit of New England to your summer menu without having to actually travel here, we have a few suggestions to get you started.

Start your morning with a big, cold glass of coffee milk – did you make a face not really knowing what that is? Don’t feel bad – it’s so ‘New England’ that most people in other states have no clue what it is, either. The best way to describe it is coffee syrup + milk + blended well and served cold. It’s amazing.

One of our all-time favorite beach snacks here on the East Coast is a good, old-fashioned, thick, peanut butter and fluff sandwich. It’s been around in New England for over 100 years for a good reason. Order Marshmallow Fluff here.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for clams, chowder, and seafood from the coast of Maine. We have pre-made chowders, stuffies, and crackers to compliment any dish.

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We’d love to hear how you enjoy a bite of New England this summer, so share your favorite production with us on Facebook.


Happy eating!