Have a Very New England Christmas with a Gift Basket of our Favorites




Maybe you need a key ingredient in your traditional holiday dish or perhaps you’d like to surprise a friend or loved one with a delicious gift of nostalgic New England food this season. Whatever the reason, FamousFoods.com is ready to help and this week we have our top holiday favorites on sale.

13 gift ideas for the New England foodie in your life:


  1. Drake’s Snack Cakes –  Just in time for the holiday season, you can pick up Drake’s Mint Cream Devil Dogs. The new treat even has festive green cream for the holidays! Also try this fun twist on the old classic: Fudge Dipped Devil Dogs! 
  2. Peggy Lawton Cookies – Baked fresh in Walpole MA for over 60 years! A great stocking stuffer for any fan of New England treats!
  3. Kayem Franks – You can save on New England’s favorite hot dogs (and the official hot dog of Fenway Park) this week! Most are priced below normal list price and you can even save an additional 10-15% with one of our holiday coupon codes!
  4. Town Talk Hot Dog Buns – Be sure to complete your perfect hot dog with New England’s favorite hot dog buns! Split on the top, the way it should be.
  5. Cains Mayonnaise – Lot’s of holiday recipes call for some mayo, why not make it the best with Cains!
  6. Oriental Chow Mein Company –  These famous crispy noodles are perfect for a chow mein sandwich. Now available in the classic yellow box with gravy mix or as 1, 2, 3, or 5 lb bags of noodles for the holidays.
  7. Amaral’s Bakery – Outstanding Portuguese sweet breads and more!
  8. Marshmallow Fluff – Prepare Fluff’s Never Fail Fudge for friends and family this holiday season!
  9. Autocrat Coffee Syrup – Each order contains three 32 oz. jugs of delicious coffee syrup. One for you, one for a friend, and one for a last minute gift.
  10. Heritage Mills Lunch Milk Crackers – The key ingredient in homemade cracker stuffing!
  11. Bell’s Seasoning – The best “dressed” bird in town can be at your table.
  12. Bell’s Ready-Mixed Stuffing (original) – This traditional stuffing is made with savory Bell’s Seasoning and bread crumbs.
  13. Bell’s New England Style Stuffing – Now available in GLUTEN FREE & HOMESTYLE varieties! Stuffings Header

Many of these deals match the best prices of the year when combined with one of our two available coupon codes! Take advantage now while there is still time! *prices valid through 12/7/2018.