Big Game Favorites – 10% Off Coupon Code

Big Game Food

Next week the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons for the Superbowl LI in Houston!  To celebrate the Patriots will have a 10% off coupon valid for January 28 to February 3, 2017. At checkout use Coupon Code: FOOTBALL and the 10% will be deducted from your order total. Whichever team you are routing for be sure to have fantastic football food. For a big game day! Get creative and set up a hot dog bar and a buffet for your football friends to enjoy.

towntalk rolls resized

First things first: Order hot dog rolls that are unique to New England! TownTalk New England Style Hot Dog Buns (12 pack) are baked and shipped fresh.





Be sure to display a wide variety of condiments including CAINS Tangy Dill Relish.  Shop’s whole selection of condiments, sauces, and more!




Kayem hot dog

Most importantly, don’t forget the dogs! Boil or grill up hotdogs before the crowd arrives and keep warm in either a crockpot or warming try. We especially love Kayem Hot Dogs and Franks!




new england party foodAdd a little variety (and New England flair) to your buffet with Gaspar’s Linguica, Chourico, and Kielbasa!  Each Portuguese sausage has a unique flavor!



Have a great week cooking fans and foodies!

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Winter Clearance Sale

Hi Cooking Fans and Foodies,

It’s a great time to shop’s Winter Clearance Sale! Save on gadgets, food favorites, sweets, cutlery and more. During the winter clearance sale you’ll find cookbooks and cookware from your favorites chef celebrities at great low prices. Be sure to use this week’s coupon code: WINTER to save 10% off storewide!  Coupon is valid January 21 – 27, 2017. Use it now to save almost 40% on clearance & overstock items!

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Football Party Food

Kick off your Sundays with the best football party food! Getting together to watch the football game with friends or family is a great excuse to whip up great food. You can save 10% off this week (January 14-20) when you use Coupon Code: KICKOFF at checkout. Stock up on your favorite football party food this week and have it in time for your next big game day!

football party food KICKOFF_2017

Ah-So Original Chinese Style Barbecue Sauce is absolutely delicious on ribs and chicken wings. Make red-glazed spareribs for the crowd. This red sticky sauce will give your food a sweet taste with a hint of garlic flavor; the perfect combination for chicken wings!

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Kayem hot dog

Include hot dogs with your football party food. It’s fun to incorporate a hot dog bar so guest can create their own delicious dog. Order natural, flavorful, and hearty hot dogs like Kayem Old Tyme Natural Casing Beef Franks.

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Add Olneyville N.Y. System Hot Wiener Sauce to your hot dog bar. You can now make the famous sauce at home. The sauce is easy to make using the spice mix. To complete the sauce use beef, onion, and soybean oil.

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Complete your hot dog bar with TownTalk New England Style Hot Dog Buns. These buns are sliced down the middle for perfect grilling on each side. Added bonus: they won’t roll over on your plate like side cute hot dog buns do.

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Have fun making your football party food! Don’t forget to use Coupon Code: KICKOFF at checkout to save 10% on your entire order.

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New Recipes for the New Year


Hi Cooking Fans and Foodies! Are there any new recipes you plan to try out this year? Maybe a new appetizer for football Sunday or a healthy recipe to start your New Year resolutions off right? Try out the recipes below plus save 10% the week of January 7-13 when you use Coupon Code: FOODIE at checkout!

New Recipes to Try this Year!


Recipe of Life’s Ambrosia

You’ll love this health conscious recipe for stuffed peppers from Life’s Ambrosia. The recipe calls for one package of linguica. We recommend using Gaspar’s Linguica which is slowly smoked in a smoke house to give it that savory flavor.


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New England Comfort Food for the New Year


Happy New Year Cooking Fans & Foodies!

Now that the holidays are nearly over it’s time to relax! Order your favorite New England comfort foods this New Year and save 10% when you use Coupon Code: NEWYEARS. Place your order by January 7, 2016 to receive your discount.

Here’s some of our most popular New England comfort food.

Hoo Mee Chow Mein - New England comfort foodNo matter where you live a hot dish of Hoo Mee Chow Mein hits the spot. Hoo Mee’s signature gravy mix and chow mein noodles have been nourishing New Englanders since 1926. The crispy noodles combined with a savory gravy create a mouthwatering dish that is easy to make at home!

Available to purchase in 3, 6, 12, or 48 pack boxes. Each box contains noodles and a package of gravy mix for up to four servings of chow mein.



Warm yourself up with a bowl of Seawatch New England Style Clam Chowder. Seawatch uses tender, succulent clams harvested from cold North Atlantic waters to make their savory chowder. Their special cooking process ensures that their clams retain their flavor, freshness and nutritional value.



B&M_Beans_originalBrown_Bread_PlainRemember having bean suppers on Sunday nights? It’s an old-school New England tradition. Suppers were served with grilled brown bread, beans, hot dogs, and New England Style buns. Bring this tradition to your home with B&M Original Beans and Brown Bread. See the full selection of B&M products.


Kayem hot dog

As mentioned above, hot dogs were essential for a traditional bean supper. Chose the best and heartiest hot dogs and franks New England has. Kayem has a variety of hot dogs and franks to choose from including natural casing, all beef, or pork. See the full selection of Kayem products.
And don’t forget your TownTalk Hot Dog Buns!


drakes variety packSatisfy your sweet tooth with Drake’s Cakes! Take your pick of Devil Dogs, Coffee Cakes, Yodels, and Ring Dings. Or don’t take a pick at all and order the popular Drake’s Variety pack which contains all 4! Take a look at all of Drake’s Cakes and decide which one you are craving most! Don’t forget that the long awaited Funny Bones are back!


NE Coffee Syrups

Wash down your favorite New England comfort food with the best coffee milk!  Choose from Autocrat,Eclipse, Coffee Time, and Morning Glory coffee syrups.

See our full selection.



Have a Happy New Year!




Last Chance for Holiday Orders!


Greetings Cookings Fans and Foodies,

This weekend is your last chance to order your Holiday Favorites in time for Christmas! Don’t wait until this weekend has passed to order your sweets, bakery items, meats and more. Orders to the western half of the country will need to select 3-day shipping at a minimum by Sunday night to get orders by December 24. See our Holiday Shipping Guidelines for more information. Save 10% off your order with Coupon Code: REDNOSE. Code is valid beginning Saturday December 16 and ending December 23, 2016.

new england party food

Want Gaspar’s delicious linguica, chourico, kielbasa and more at your door by Christmas Eve? Place orders with 3-day shipping by Monday, December 16, 2016.

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Have a warm and wonderful weekend!
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Holiday Favorites for Less

holiday favorites coupon

Spread some cheer and joy this season! Surprise loved ones with a package of their favorite New England foods. This week, we have filled the store with some great deals! you can save up to 40% off the regular list price when you combine some of our low sale prices with one of our coupon codes.  Save 10% on your order when you use coupon code: CHEER. Or spend $50 or more and apply JOY as the coupon code at checkout to save 15%!

Maybe you need a key ingredient in your traditional holiday dish or perhaps you’d like to surprise a friend or loved one with a delicious gift of nostalgic New England food this season. Whatever the reason is ready to help and this week we have our top holiday favorites on sale.

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