Funny Bones + 3-day shipping on Gaspar’s Meats are back!

Fall Greetings Cooking Fans & Foodies!

We have lots of exciting news and offers this week so let’s get to it!

Now that the weather is starting to cool around the country we are bringing back the 3-day shipping option on meats! You may now select the 3-day option at check out and save up to 30% or more on the shipping cost when compared to 2-day service! This is shaping up to be a great week to stock up on your Gaspar’s favorites and in case you need more incentive…

Save 10% when you spend $25 or more!

This week, spend $25 or more and save and additional 10% on your order! Simply enter the coupon code FALL2015 at checkout to take advantage of the instant savings!


  1. HOO MEE CHOW MEIN 12-PACK – The best Chow Mein mix in New England. Since 1926 Hoo Mee has been a tradition in local restaurants and households.
  2. AUTOCRAT COFFEE SYRUP 3/32 oz BOTTLES – Experience the rich coffee flavor of Rhode Island’s favorite coffee syrup.
  3. B&M ORIGINAL BAKED BEANS -Look no further than B&M for an amazing fall comfort food!
  4. BELL’S READY MIXED STUFFING – Not enough time to make your own stuffing from scratch? Enjoy the next best thing in a fraction of the time with Bell’s Ready-Mixed Stuffing!
  5. HERITAGE MILLS LUNCH MILK CRACKERS – Buy in bulk now and stock up for those Thanksgiving stuffing recipes!

 The long awaited Drake’s Funny Bones are back!

Funny Bones smallEnjoy Drake’s frosted peanut butter creme filled devil’s food cakes.  Each box contains 10 fresh frosted cream filled devil’s food cakes (Total 20).

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Weekly Halloween Riddle!

What do ghost drink when they are thirsty?

Want to take a ghoulish guess? Be the first one to comment on our Facebook page with the correct answer you will receive a gift of a few New England comfort foods. Contest begins Saturday, October 3 at 12-Noon and ends 10/6.

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New England Comfort Food

With New England getting a snow storm every few days there’s no wonder why people are stocking up on their favorite comfort foods. In New England when we think of comfort food we imagine mouth-watering clam chowder, warm baked beans with brown bread, fresh popped popcorn, Drake’s snack cakes and Fall River’s own Hoo-Mee Chow Mein. Being cooped up in a house during a storm has never sounded so good until you have all your favorite comfort foods by your side. would like to offer not one but three Coupon Codes for February 21st – February 27th 2015. Enter the code that works best with your order total at checkout.

  • COLD: $5 off $35 or more.
  • COLDER: $10 off $65 or more.
  • COLDEST: $20 off $120 or more.

New England Comfort Food

New England Comfort Food

Isn’t comfort food just the best? New Englanders especially love their comfort food. It keeps them warm and happy during the long winter months! Here are some top picks to keep anyone cozy this winter.

  • B&M Baked Beans Original: B&M Original Baked Beans are cooked with sweet brown sugar, molasses, and tender pork. Here in Boston, we call that “wicked awesome”.
  • B&M Brown Bread: B&M Brown Bread in a can is customary New England bread. We think it’s best served fried with some butter on it.
  • Hoo-Mee Chow Mein: Fall River’s own Oriental Chow Mein Company has  has been turning out savory chow mein dishes for generations of New Englanders.
  • Bar Harbor New England Clam Chowder: Nothing says New England comfort food like delicious all-natural clam chowder.
  • Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn: When New Englanders are browsing for the best popcorn kernels they seek out Wabash Valley Farms, the best place to purchase specialty popcorn kernels
  • Drakes Snack Cakes: Drake’s has been providing New England with delicious snack cakes for over a century.