It’s GO-bble Time


Hey friends and foodies!

Time sure is flying and here we are giving you our best (and last!) turkey calls for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you want to receive your order in time for Thanksgiving, you should really order this weekend to ensure we have enough time to deliver your order with standard shipping.

We can make ordering easy for you by guiding you to all our Thanksgiving essentials like Bell’s SeasoningBell’s Stuffing, One- Pie Squash and all your staples for the holidays.

If you’re looking for an excellent recipe for stuffing using Hertigate Mill’s Milk Crackers, check out our blog.

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Check out all of our THANKSGIVING STAPLES.


bell-s-all-natural-seasoning-1-oz-7Bell’s Seasoning

As far as New Englanders are concerned this is the only turkey seasoning that matters when it comes to your Thanksgiving Day bird. Also, be sure to check out the new 8oz size in a convenient plastic jar!




bell-s-ready-mixed-stuffing-16-oz-17Bell’s New England Stuffing 

Seasoned with the classic flavors of Bell’s Seasoning, this stuffing mix is simple and delicious. Trusted by generations of New Englanders, Bell’s Stuffing is great inside the bird or on the side!





Gaspar’s Linguica & Chourico 

Dress up this year’s Thanksgiving dinner with the exquisite flavors of Gaspar’s Linguica & Chourico. Local favorites here in South Eastern, MA!



One- Pie Squashone-pie-squash-15-oz-7

This hard to find One-Pie recipe for squash pie calls for spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg; can you almost smell the pie cooking in the oven? We can.





Here’s hoping you’re enjoying Thanksgiving prep as much as we are!

-The Gang at Famous Foods

New England Frights and Delights

code_ trickortreat

Hey guys and ghouls!

Here in New England, we’re no strangers to ghost stories, haunted houses, witches, goblins, and scares. Which is why we have to balance out our Halloween with a lot sweet and yummy treats to calm our nerves…or to stress eat when we hear things go bump in the night.

Harvest Sweets Harvest Sweets Pumpkin Truffles 

Nothing says fall is here like filling your cabinets with anything pumpkin flavored. Try Harvest Sweets newest treats before the ghouls and goblins get to them first.





sweet-cravings-caramel-pecan-pie-milk-chocolate-truffles-2-6-oz-2Sweet Cravings Caramel Pecan Pie Truffles

Caramel + pecan pie + truffles = fall candy heaven.






drake-s-coffee-cakes-2-boxes-19Drake’s Coffee Cakes

The moist cake covered with natural cinnamon streusel topping is sure to draw a smile! Share them with your trick-or-treaters – they’re frighteningly good!


maple-grove-farms-vermont-maple-candy-8-oz-3Maple Grove Farms Candy

This boxed maple candy offers you a traditional taste of old New England. After all, the recipe and quality of their blended Maple Candy haven’t changed in over 85 years!



Need more sweet treats? We don’t blame you. Check out our full selection here.

Have a devilishly good Halloween!

Three Day Only Fall Mega-Savings Sale

ccode; autumn

Hey friends and Foodies!

Here in New England, we’re making the most out of fall while we can – we’re apple picking, hitting the pumpkin patches, wearing our cardigans, cozying up with soup and getting outside to see the leaves changing. Food and the coziness of a changing season are so important to us here that we want to extend a site-wide 15% off sale in honor of the holiday weekend.

It’s the perfect chance for you to stock up on your Thanksgiving staples or to just get a taste of our home, wherever you are.

Here are a few of our seasonal favorites to get you started:

bell-s-ready-mixed-stuffing-16-oz-17Bell’s Ready-Mix Stuffing

Bell’s is the best turkey stuffing for any holiday meal; a variety of preparations are available including poultry, pork, fish, or vegetables.




b-m-bread-brown-with-raisins-16-oz-7B&M Brown Bread with Raisins

The most traditional way to have canned brown bread is alongside B&M Baked Beans!





one-pie-pumpkin-15-oz-7One-Pie Pumpkin

This nostalgic brand has not changed in years, you can tell just by looking at One-Pie’s label. The recognizable canned pumpkin is an admired Thanksgiving dessert recipe.




heritage-mills-milk-lunch-crackers-12-3-oz-27Heritage Mills Milk Lunch Cracker

Heritage Mills snack crackers are good enough to eat right out of the box alongside a glass of milk or a cup of tea. Another popular usage is adding these delectable milk crackers to savory stuffing recipes.

Save Yourself from Turkey Day Stress and Prep Ahead


code_ thanks

Hello friends and foodies!

We know, we know – it’s ONLY October but here at FamousFoods, we really only have one thing on our brains: FOOD. And, as most can agree, Thanksgiving is one of the most important ‘food’ days of the year. We want you to be able to soak in everything that the day stands for like being thankful for your family, friends, and food on your table and have zero stress. So we’ve lined up some of our Thanksgiving staples to help you organize and get ready for the big day.

You might know Bell’s from their famous stuffing and seasonings but if you haven’t checked them out in a while, now is the time! Bell’s has a long-standing tradition of making your Turkey Day easier and delicious.

bell-s-ready-mixed-stuffing-16-oz-17Bell’s Traditional Stuffing 

Bell’s Ready-Mixed Stuffing is versatile for both in-bird and stovetop recipes. Generations of Bostonians and New Englanders have trusted Bell’s to complete their Thanksgiving dinners. Bell’s is the best turkey stuffing for any holiday meal; a variety of preparations are available including poultry, pork, fish, or vegetables. This traditional stuffing is made with savory Bell’s Seasoning and bread crumbs.



Bells 8oz

Bell’s Seasoning 8oz

Bell’s seasoning has been a staple and holiday tradition for generations and while everyone loves the classic flavor the “classic packaging” has always been a challenge when shipping through the mail. The boxes have a tendency to leak a small amount of spice while on their journey to your doorstep. Bell’s has addressed that this year and now offers an 8oz plastic container that should be virtually leak-proof while in transit, which makes it great for Thanksgiving road trips.


bell-s-gravies-variety-3-pack-19Bell’s Gravy Variety Pack 

Bell’s introduces an easy way to pour on the delicious flavor of Bell’s. You’ll agree Bell’s Chicken, Turkey, and Beef Gravy are the tastiest gravies around and are perfect for any meal.


bell-s-wing-seasonings-variety-3-pack-2Bell’s Wing Seasoning Variety Pack 

Using Bell’s proprietary crisping formula, you’ll get crispy, restaurant-quality wings baked in your home oven each and every time.


bell-s-homestyle-stuffing-10-oz-8Bell’s All-Natural Homestyle Stuffing 

Bell’s Home-Style Stuffing is made with a larger, crouton-style breadcrumb that creates a hearty, casserole-style stuffing with all of the flavors of Bell’s.

Also available in gluten-free or with New England cranberries.




From our family to yours, we would be honored if you let us be part of your dinner this Thanksgiving season.

Have a wonderful week!

-The Gang at Famous Foods 

Slide into Something a Little Bit More Comfortable

CODE_ fallfood

Hey friends and foodies!

While we aren’t quite yet officially in fall, it seems like lately that certain crisp in the air has been making itself known. We’ve taken out a couple of sweaters, turned down the AC’s and we’re certainly gearing up for that traditional fall weather. Which makes us want some traditional fall food – you know the kind. The warm, thick soup in a big mug, pumpkin pie, hearty dinners…

You can save this week on some of our fall favorites. Use code FALLFOOD for 10% off.

bar-harbor-new-england-clam-chowder-15-oz-8Bar Harbor Clam Chowder

The taste of wind, weather, and clear cold water; it’s not a flavor that needs improving.  They create their New England Clam Chowder in small batches, like people on the Maine coast have been doing for generations – loaded with juicy clams and simple, all-natural ingredients. It’s as close to fresh off the docks of Maine as you can get without being here.



Drake’s Cakes!

Drake’s has been providing the Northeast with delicious snack cakes for over a century. Enjoy their most popular snack cakes with Drake’s Favorites Variety 4 Pack containing one box of Coffee Cakes, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, and Yodels.





b-m-baked-beans-with-bacon-and-onion-28-oz-7B&M Baked Beans

In New England, you are not going to do better than B&M Original Baked Beans. Purposely slow cooked to retain more flavor, B&M Original Baked Beans are cooked with sweet brown sugar, molasses, and tender pork. Here in Boston, we call that “wicked awesome”.



one-pie-pumpkin-15-oz-7One-Pie Pumpkin 

Generations of New Englanders have kept this as the main ingredient in their own holiday pies. There’s only one ingredient to this deliciousness and that’s prepared pumpkin! There is no need to worry about added calories or salt content since One-Pie only uses pure pumpkin.

You can also use this in pumpkin cookies, muffins, and cupcakes.



We hope some of our favorites make their way to your dinner table and you love them as much as we do. Share your favorite Famous Food products with us on Facebook and why you love them so much. We love to hear how we are part of your family.

Have a great week and happy cooking!

-The Gang at FamousFoods 

Say-It-Ain’t-So Summer Send Off Bash



Hey friends and foodies!

We cannot believe that we’re already prepping for our Labor Day cookouts. They say time flies when you’re having fun but we feel like this summer REALLY flew by! Start off the school year right and slide into the fall with one last summer get together with all of our favorite BBQ and grilling products.

This weekend, you can save 15% off your order during our 3-day sale happening Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Here are some basics to get your order and party started:


GASPARS CouponGaspar’s Linguica, Chourico & More

The flavor of Gaspar’s Portuguese smoked sausages is unique and truly their family’s own recipe!

Shop Now!



1026 Kayem Pork & Beef Skinless FranksGrill up savory hot dogs from Kayem this Labor Day. Choose from:
Kayem Old Tyme Natural Casing Beef Franks
Kayem Deli Hot Dogs
Kayem Fenway Pork & Beef Franks
And More!



toppings cainCondiments, Sauces, Dressings, & More

Complete your Labor Day cookout with your favorite toppings!
Cains Pickles & Relish
Nathan’s Mustard
Emeril’s Mustard 
Cains Mayonnaise

Shop All


Don’t Forget The Buns!

Browse entire selection of New England BBQ & Grilling favorites including our top-selling New England Style Hotdog Rolls!






Enjoy the last few weeks of summer while you can!

Back-to-School Essentials (Lunchbox Edition)

_CODE_ backtoschool

Hey friends and Foodies!

We can’t even believe we are already talking back-to-school but here we are in the final stretch of August and that means pretty soon, parents are going to packing lunches and sending their kids back to school.

While we love summer, there’s something special about starting a new year, getting ready for growth, learning and new challenges.  Think back to your school days; you may have had Peggy Lawton Cookies or maybe Drakes Cakes stashed in your lunchbox. Reminisce in back to school nostalgia and relive those happy memories with your favorites. You can buy them for your own children or just stock your pantry with snacks for yourself. There is no age limit on delicious snacking! Shop our whole line of snacks and sweets here.

hm-milk-lunchHeritage Mills Milk Lunch Crackers

A lunchbox classic! These light and crispy crackers have a hint of sweetness. Pair with tea, coffee, or milk for extra nostalgia.

More Details



Peggy Lawton Chip Cookie

Peggy Lawton Cookies

Whenever Peggy Lawton Cookies found their way into your lunchbox it was a good day! Available in your all-time favorite flavors:
Oatmeal, Butter Crunch, Chunk Chocolate, Sugar Shortbread, and Choco Chip!

More Details



Drake’s Coffee Cakes

Start your morning off right with Drake’s Coffee Cakes! The moist cake covered is sure to draw a smile! Drake’s classic snack cakes are the perfect complement to your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or anytime you need a pick-me-up.

Soak in these last couple weeks of summer while you can!
-The Gang at