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April 18 2015

Summer time is coming and  that means that 3-day shipping on products from Gaspar's and Kayem will be switched to 2-day shipping starting Tuesday April 28th. This helps assure us that your order of meats will arrive in good standing. Orders that are going to states that will be experiencing warmer weather should order by April 28th to receive the most cost effective pricing.

Stock up on your hometown favorites like Kayem's Hot Dogs, Gaspar's Linguica and Chourico, Autocrat Coffee Syrup, Hoo-Mee Chow Mein, and Del's Lemonade.

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Autocrat Coffee Syrup 3-32 oz. (Quart Size) Bottles

Hometown Favorite #1: Autocrat Coffee Syrup 

Autocrat's premium syrup has been on retailer's shelves for over 100 years. Honorably named the Official State Drink of Rhode Island, this iconic beverage has put smiles on the faces of generations of New Englanders. This coffee syrup is a favorite of both kids and adults alike! Purchase yourself a  32oz. bottle of Autocrat Coffee Syrup today!



Gaspar's Chourico Hot-Regular 1 lb

Hometown Favorite #2: Gaspar's Chourico & Linguica

Gaspar's Chourico is a spicy sausage with a heartier flavor and with unique spices that are known to kick it up a notch or two! Gaspar's Linguica is a mild pork sausage still crafted using an old Portuguese recipe. It is a fine blend of lean pork with a mixture of basic spices such as vinegar, salt, paprika and garlic.



Chow Mein Mix Hoo-Mee - 12 Pack

Hometown Favorite #3: Hoo Mee Chow Mein

The Original Hoo Mee Chow Mein is a local favorite in New England. A popular dish is a Chow Mein Sandwich, if you haven't had one yet what are you waiting for? Restaurants up and down the East Coast serve hot Chow Mein Sandwiches made specifically with Hoo-Mee Chow Mein. It's the flat shape and crispy texture that sets these noodles apart and make them unique to the New England region. Each box contains noodles and gravy mix.


Del's Lemonade Soft Frozen Dry Mix Quart
Hometown Favorite #4: Del's Lemonade

New Englanders can't go a summer without slurping up a cup of delicious icy Del's Lemonade. This beverage has become an iconic symbol for Rhode Island summers and continues to delight the taste buds of families around the country. Complete your summer with Del's!


What is Your Favorite "Hometown Favorite?"

In a recent Facebook poll we asked our fans which product is their hometown favorite. The result? The iconic Autocrat Coffee Syrup "pouring" in at 1st place! Followed by Hoo Mee Chow Mein, Gaspar's Linguica & Chourico, Del's Lemonade, and Kayem Hot Dogs. Some other worthy mentions are; Peggy Lawton Chocolate Chip Cookies, Drake's Devil DogsEclipse Coffee Syrup, Cains Sweet Relish, and Amaral's Sweet Bread & Massa.


We hope you enjoy your hop into spring!
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Please note special shipping requirements of products like Drakes, Amaral's, Peggy Lawton and Town Talk. 

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Top Service
Yahoo! 5 star top service ranking!