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July 19 2014

Greetings Cooking Fans and Foodies!

For those that love refreshment with emphasis on the "FRESH", the team over at Spindrift has just released the world's first FRESH GINGER BEER! With 5 lbs of fresh ginger in every case the taste is eye-opening, and well balanced with the freshly squeezed California lemon juice and touch of cane sugar.

Spindrift Ginger Beer is raw, real and delicious.
Each bottle contains more than twice the ginger of the leading competitor with 13% less sugar! It is the perfect summer pick-me-up, not to mention a hot ingredient in popular cocktails like the Dark 'n Stormy and Moscow Mule.

Try some today and save with the coupon code below!

This week at save 10% storewide when you use the coupon code GINGER10 at checkout! (Great savings if you want to try a case or two SPINDRIFT!

-The Gang @

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Top Service
Yahoo! 5 star top service ranking!