Spring Savings!


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Spring and spring savings are here! Use Coupon Code “SPRING” and save 10% on your entire purchase. Stock up on your New England favorites like Autocrat Coffee Syrup, Hoo Mee Chow Mein, and Heritage Lunch Milk Crackers.


3 Quarts of Autocrat Coffee Syrup for $24.99!

The small state of Rhode Island has been producing their legendary Autocrat Coffee Syrup for almost one hundred years. Other coffee syrup brands can’t surpass the great familiar taste of Autocrat Coffee Syrup that has grown to be recognized as a food from Rhode Island. Autocrat’s Coffee Syrup for milk has become a part of Rhode Island’s folklore expanding from a “hometown brew” to a recognizable specialty coffee syrup brand.

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Hoo Mee Chow MeinHoo Mee Chow Mein 3 Pack for $11.99!

Serve New England’s most recognizable Hoo Mee Chow Mein! Each box contains noodles and a package of Hoo-Mee gravy mix. Also available:
6 Pack for $21.99
12 Pack for $39.99
48 Pack for $146.00


Funny Bones smallDrake’s Funny Bones 2 Boxes for $10.99!

Try Drake’s frosted peanut butter creme filled devil’s food cakes.  Each box contains 10 fresh Funny Bones.

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Milk Lunch Crackers

Heritage Mills Milk Lunch Crackers $5.49 a box!

These round classic crackers, oozing with nostalgia and charm, are light and crispy with a hint of sweetness that can be perfectly paired with a glass of milk, coffee or tea.

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Thank you Sue for your kind review of Heritage Mills Milk Lunch Crackers!

Cracker Review

“Just received my order of Heritage Hills Milk Crackers! Quick delivery! And they are almost as good as the old Nabisco Royal Milk Crackers. So happy to finally find a good substitute! I should have known that a good New England company would have them.” – Sue G

Happy Spring!

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