Celebrate Fall with Traditional New England Favorites

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Hey friends and foodies!

It’s no secret that fall is a fan favorite here in New England. We’re lucky enough to have some of the most gorgeous foliage right in our backyard, can take a trip to spooky Salem, MA, and get to dig into some of the most mouth-watering dishes of the year. We want to share some of the best that New England has to offer (food-wise!) with you this week in hopes that you can enjoy it, too.

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atlantic-indian-pudding-15-oz-2Atlantic New England Style Indian Pudding

The Atlantic Indian Pudding recipe has been an old-fashioned New England dessert for generations. Best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped topping.



one-pie-pumpkin-15-oz-16One Pie Pumpkin

The recognizable canned pumpkin is an admired Thanksgiving dessert recipe. Generations of New Englanders have kept this as the main ingredient in their own holiday pies. There’s only one ingredient to this deliciousness and that’s prepared pumpkin!




Autocrat Coffee Syrup 

The original Autocrat coffee syrup is known for its smooth rich taste. The finest coffee extracts are used to create this addictive concoction. So addictive, that generations of families have kept at least one bottle on hand at all times to make Rhode Island coffee milk at home!




Bells Stuffing 12 ozBell’s Stuffing

Bell’s Ready-Mixed Stuffing is versatile for both in-bird and stovetop recipes. Generations of Bostonians and New Englanders have trusted Bell’s to complete their Thanksgiving dinners. Bell’s is the best turkey stuffing for any holiday meal; a variety of preparations are available including poultry, pork, fish, or vegetables.




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See you next week!

-The Gang at Famous Foods