Cozy Up with Famous Foods’ Fall Favorites



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Hey friends and foodies!

We’ve made it to that special time of the year where it’s fall in the morning and summer in the afternoon here in New England! That means we’re starting to think of cooler weather, sweatshirts, baking, and the upcoming holidays! As we make our way into a new season, we wanted to share some of our fall favorites to help you stock up on things like the perfect cracker to go with a warm cup of tea or a warm, delicious bowl of chow mein.

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Heritage Mills Lunch Crackers

The texture of the Classic Milk Lunch Crackers makes it a perfect snack option for those who enjoy a light and crispy cracker! Heritage Mills snack crackers are good enough to eat right out of the box alongside a glass of milk or a cup of tea.


Chow MeinChow Mein Mix 

Make dinner easy with a Fall River, MA favorite! This recognizable yellow box has been turning out mouth-watering Chinese dishes for generations of New Englanders.



autocrat-coffee-syrup-3-32-oz-quart-size-bottles-12Autocrat Coffee Syrup 

The original Autocrat coffee syrup is known for its smooth rich taste. The finest coffee extracts are used to create this addictive concoction. So addictive, that generations of families have kept at least one bottle on hand at all times to make Rhode Island coffee milk at home!


Bells Stuffing 12 ozBell’s Stuffing Mix

Bell’s Ready-Mixed Stuffing is versatile for both in-bird and stovetop recipes. Generations of Bostonians and New Englanders have trusted Bell’s to complete their Thanksgiving dinners. Bell’s is the best turkey stuffing for any holiday meal; a variety of preparations are available including poultry, pork, fish, or vegetables.

Be on the lookout over the next several weeks as we share some of our holiday staples!

Bon Appetit!

-The Gang at Famous Foods