Lunch Milk Crackers Bring Fond Memories


Heritage Mills Lunch Milk Crackers

Classic Lunch Milk Crackers by Heritage Mills have been described as, ” a great snack cracker” but at we think they are more than that. Through discussions with relatives, costumers, and foodie fans alike, we have found that these lunch milk crackers do more than just fill our stomachs. Individuals who grew up eating milk crackers know that there are fond memories attached to every serving of light and crispy crackers. Like Diane, who shared this fond moment of her and her grandfather on our Facebook page:

“When I was a kid, my grandfather would lay several [ lunch milk crackers ] on a plate, heat boiling water and slowly pour over them and then drain water off and sprinkle sugar or cinnamon sugar on them and give me a spoon! They were yummy…”

Generations of families recall their relatives preparing savory Thanksgiving stuffing using lunch milk crackers.  We’ve heard of retired workers who remember toting them to work in the factories and we’ve heard countless times that sitting down to have milk and crackers at the table is a childhood memory people have not forgotten. If you have a fond memory involving Heritage Mills Lunch Milk Crackers please share it with us either in the comment section below or on our Facebook post.

Lunch Milk Crackers:

These round classic crackers are light and crispy with a hint of sweetness that can be perfectly paired with a glass of milk, coffee or tea. Also low in cholesterol and fat.

lunch milk crackerss


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