How Sweet It Is To Have Chocolate

How Sweet it is

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and you are probably scrambling to find the perfect gift and sweets for your significant other. Have no fear! has great selections of candy and sweets to choose from. The most popular one is the Harvest Sweets Chocolate Covered Truffles Variety 3 Pack. It includes Milk Chocolate Strawberry Truffles, Milk Chocolate Peach Truffles, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles. Each style of truffle is filled with a white chocolate ganache flavored with sweet fruit puree and luscious cream. Your valentine will be saying, “how sweet it is to have you!” Other fruit truffle flavors include: blueberry, key lime, orange, and raspberry. 

Harvest Sweets doesn’t stop there, they specially make dozens of varieties of chocolates. If you are sticking to the Valentine’s Day colors like red and pink then Chocolate Covered Cranberries, Strawberries, Cherries, and Raspberry fruit and truffles will be the perfect picks! These sweets are definitely cupid approved.

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Milk Chocolate Covered Cranberries: The sweet cranberries are collected from area bogs, dried, and then covered in blissful milk chocolate to make this special Cape Cod Cranberry candy complete. Also available in Dark Chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Milk chocolate and strawberries are a winning combination for anyone who enjoys sensational fruit drenched in velvety chocolate. Also try Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries: Delicious chocolate covered dried cherries by Harvest Sweets are a delicious grouping of flavors. Enjoy their Milk Chocolate as well. Continue reading