Sizzling Summer Savings on New England Eats


Hey friends & foodies!

We hope you and your family have stayed safe and healthy and are ready for a little bit of summer fun to relax and unwind. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products that are in stock and ready for your new barbecue or block party. You can save 10% on your order this week by code SUMMERSALE at checkout.

All-Star Summer Frozen Drink – Del’s Lemonade 

dellsBring the fresh and sweet taste of Del’s home with this quart of dry mix. Add water, ice, and dry lemonade mix into a blender for 30 seconds to create individual servings of Del’s! The dry mix makes up to 16 servings which equals out to 1 Gallon of frozen lemonade. Pro-tip – stick the lemonade in the freezer for a couple of hours to make at-home slushies!




Sizzling Summer Grill Favorites – Gaspar’s Meats


Now is the perfect time to order Gaspar’s linguica and chourico for the cookout, party, or any occasion.
We have put together an INTERNET ONLY special to make ordering easy and take the guesswork out of ordering if you’re trying our products for the first time. Gaspar’s 50/50 Gift Pack includes a combination of 12 pounds (approximate weight) of mouthwatering Gaspar’s linguica and Chourico.  Your order will contain half linguica (6 pounds) and half chourico (6 pounds).

The Supporting Players – Condiments and Buns

Need something sweet to put on your hotdog or burger? Look no further than Cain’s Sweet Pickle Relish. Gluten-free, fat-free, and the perfect addition to your BBQ favorite.

gold-medal-hot-dog-rolls-sliced-18-oz-new-england-style-59Whipping up a lobster roll or hotdog to go with that relish? Take yourself to a New England seafood shack with our famous Gold Medal split-top buns. Other rolls may be sliced down the side but these hot dog rolls are sliced across the top, making it easy to grill both sides to golden perfection. This split-top feature, believe it or not, is unique to “New England”.




Egg-citing News: Our Favorite Easter Sweetbreads are Back!

Easter Sweetbreads are back

Hi friends and foodies,

We know it’s technically not even Spring yet, but before we know, the Easter bunny is going to be hopping into town. Soon, it’ll be time to order Amaral’s Sweetbread and other Easter time favorites! Amaral’s “Folar”, which is a sweetbread that has hardboiled eggs baked into the loaf, is made from an old family recipe which began over fifty years ago in Sao Miguel, Portugal. Use Coupon Code: SWEETBREAD this week and save 10% off your entire order at! Code valid between March 9-15.

Easter sweetbread 4 eggsLarge Portuguese Easter Sweetbread w/ 4 Hard Boiled Eggs

This Easter favorite is back! On sale now for $13.99.



mini egg sweetbreads updated

This pack includes six individual sized Mini Easter Sweetbreads! Each is made with one hard boiled egg baked in each mini loaf. On sale for $14.99.

easter sweetbread

Amaral’s Bakery located in Fall River MA produces the best sweetbread using the freshest ingredients! This loaf contains 2 hard-boiled eggs. On sale for $8.29.

Amaral’s Shipping Guidelines

Amaral’s Portuguese Sweetbreads, Muffins, and Biscuits are baked and shipped on Tuesday of each week to ensure freshness. Please check below to see when certain bakery items must be ordered by.

  • Please order these bakery items by Monday at 10AM EST:
    Large Portuguese Sweetbread, Portuguese Biscuits, Raisin Portuguese Sweetbread Rolls, Portuguese Easter Sweetbread with 2 Eggs and Portuguese Mini Easter Sweetbreads with 1 Hard Boiled Egg (6 Pack)
  • Please order these bakery items by Monday 3PM EST:
    Bolos Levedos Portuguese Muffins (Plain and Raisin), 13 oz Portuguese Sweetbread, Portuguese Sweetbread Rolls
  • Please order these bakery items by Friday, 8AM EST:
    Large Portuguese Easter Sweetbread with 4 Hard Boiled Eggs

Shipping Method Required: These products are only packed for Ground Shipping.  For Premium Shipping, please contact Customer Service for a shipping quote. For shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us for the exact shipping amount. (1-866-646-4266)

-The Gang at 

Fall Into Some of Our Favorite Autumn Treats


Hey friends and foodies!

We’re going to squeeze the last few drops of summer we have left before the season officially turns next week. BUT. We have to admit that we love our fall foods. There’s something comforting and cozy about the slower pace that rolls in with the autumnal change. This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorite fall items so you can stock up now. Use code FALL for 10% off your order.

We know we can’t be the only ones who have started buying Halloween candy…knowing full well it won’t make it to the trick-or-treaters’ bags. Treat yourself to some fall flavored favorites – you know you want to.

Harvest Sweets Harvest Sweets Pumpkin Truffles 

Nothing says fall is here like filling your cabinets with anything pumpkin flavored. Try Harvest Sweets newest treats before the ghouls and goblins get to them first.





sweet-cravings-caramel-pecan-pie-milk-chocolate-truffles-2-6-oz-2Sweet Cravings Caramel Pecan Pie Truffles

Caramel + pecan pie + truffles = fall candy heaven.






drake-s-coffee-cakes-2-boxes-19Drake’s Coffee Cakes

Start your morning off right with Drake’s Coffee Cakes! The moist cake covered with natural cinnamon streusel topping is sure to draw a smile!


Also, keep in mind – we will be welcoming back three-day shipping on all our Gaspar’s products as the weather starts to cool. When we have the official date, you will be the first to know.

Happy Almost-Fall!

-The Gang at FamousFoods 

Never Fail Fudge Recipe

Marshmallow Fluff is still produced by the same batch process developed over 75 years ago – it’s the only marshmallow creme made in this manner. It also serves as the perfect ingredient in your fudge recipe–might we add “Never Fail Fudge” to this statement?  As you may have experienced fudge made with Marshmallow Fluff is deliciously rich and difficult to mess up!

fudge recipe

Would you believe that Marshmallow Fluff started out of the kitchen of two war veterans? Well, as the story goes, two men named H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower did just that in 1920 after acquiring the recipe from Archibald Query of Somerville, MA. Mr. Query had begun the business of fluff in 1917, but the strains of wartime shortages left sales dwindling. He was however willing to sell, and did so for $500. (Bet he wished he kept it!) During the evening, Durkee and Mower would cook that sugary confection in the kitchen and sell door to door during the day. At that time the men had chosen the name of “Toot Sweet Marshmallow Fluff” – that name did not last for long, as we all know to refer to the magical sweet stuff as “Marshmallow Fluff” but the sales did last!

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