Labor Day Sale: Stock Up on Fall Favorites


Hey friends and foodies!

It feels like Labor Day sneaks up on us earlier and earlier every year, so we’re not going to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. Instead, we’re going to share some of our fall-esque favorites to gently get us from one season to the next.

These Famous picks also include some great back-to-school snacks and easy weeknight dinners for when days get busier.

heritage-mills-milk-lunch-crackers-12-3-oz-27Heritage Mills Milk Lunch Crackers

The texture of the Classic Milk Lunch Crackers makes it a perfect snack option for those who enjoy a light and crispy cracker! Heritage Mills snack crackers are good enough to eat right out of the box alongside a glass of milk or a cup of tea.


peggy-lawton-variety-pack-12-2-oz-16Peggy Lawton Cookie Variety Pack

If you want to indulge in all of Peggy Lawton New England favorites, then this Variety Pack will fulfill your every craving! The perfect snack for your remote learning lunch box!



Chow MeinChow Mein Mix 

Make dinner easy with a Fall River, MA favorite! This recognizable yellow box has been turning out mouth-watering Chinese dishes for generations of New Englanders.



bar-harbor-new-england-clam-chowder-15-oz-57Bar Harbor Clam Chowder

Created in small batches like people on the Maine coast have been doing for generations. This clam chowder is loaded with juicy clams and simple, all-natural ingredients.  It’s as close to fresh off the docks of Maine as you can get without being here.


We hope the changing season brings you a chance to enjoy some food and fall activities!

Yummy New England Style Clam Chowder

All along the coast of New England, there is one food staple that you will see popup on restaurant menus, clam shack snack boards, and local grocery store circulars again and again. It’s secondary ingredients are potatoes, onions, and milk or cream. Can you guess what that food staple would be? If you are from New England, then you know right off hand what I’m talking about, if not then then I’m sure you have at least heard about this steaming concoction some New Englanders call “chowdah”.

new england style clam chowder

SeaWatch New England Style Clam Chowder

SeaWatch New England Style Clam Chowder has been produced by Sea Watch International for over 35 years. They start of with succulent sea clams that have been harvested in the Atlantic and add potatoes, sea clam juice, dehydrated celery, onions, and spices for even more flavor. Add in extra ingredients to make this chowder your very own. Some suggested extra ingredients could be bacon, thyme, basil, celery, chives, black pepper, and even Tabasco sauce–anything to make it your own! Continue reading