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Hey friends and foodies,

If you are going to be cooped up at home for a bit, might as well enjoy a home-cooked meal or two! Some of our favorite comfort foods are below. Order today from the comfort of your couch and get your food favorites delivered right to your doorstep!

Here are some of our must-have pantry and comfort food staples:

Hoo-Mee Cho Mein is the perfect item to keep in your cabinet for when dinner needs to be fast, simple and yummy. You can serve up a steaming bowl of Chow Mein with crunchy noodles or pile it all into a sandwich – either way, it’s delicious!


If you’re planning on sticking close to home and your own grill, now is the perfect time to load the freezer with a variety of meat so you can have your choice of Kayem Franks or some traditional Portuguese meats like linguica. Remember when your grandmother used to keep bread in the freezer? Grab hot dog buns while you’re at it and toss them in there!


And don’t forget the snacks – you might be homebound from work or school but that doesn’t stop your sweet tooth. We carry Drake’s full line of Devil Dogs, brownies, coffee cake, and Funny Bones.


While we’ve got you – just a quick reminder that Amaral’s bakery is now offering their sweetbreads with hard-boiled eggs inside – it’s local Portuguese Easter tradition – and the mini-sweetbreads are available as well.

Easter Sweetbread 2 Eggs

Happy hand-washing!

-The Gang at FamousFoods 

Big Game, Big Cold, Big Savings

code_ feb10

Happy post-Polar Vortex and February, Foodies!

By this time each winter, the cold has set into our bones and we’re craving all things warm. Fuzzy socks, electric blankets, hot cocoa, fireplaces…and most importantly, FOOD. There’s a big game this weekend so if you’re still menu planning, or hosting a post-game celebration next week, check out our guide to New England football eats. If you’re just de-thawing from the Polar Vortex that swept the county, nothing warms you up and reminds you that summer isn’t too far away like a steaming bowl of New England clam chowder. New England knows how to warm your belly and heart with some of our local favorites so there are plenty choices to stock your pantry with! This week’s code FEB10 saves you 10% on your order between February 2 and 8. Use this coupon code at check out to apply to your order.

New England Style Clam Chowder Can_ORIG

Seawatch New England Style Clam Chowder Condensed 51 oz.

SeaWatch New England Clam Chowder starts with tender, succulent clams harvested from the cold North Atlantic waters. Their special cooking process ensures that their clams retain their natural color, flavor, freshness and nutritional value. Everyone will enjoy this traditional favorite.



lobster-bisque-bar-harborBar Harbor New England Style Lobster Bisque 10.5 oz.

Lobster bisque is another New England favorite that is delicious no matter what the temperature outside is. New Englanders serve lobster bisque all year round. Whether by the beach or cozied up at home Bar Harbor Lobster Bisque is a treat!




B&M Baked Beans

Bring back the good old fashion tradition of bean suppers on Sundays. We bet you have a memory or two of sitting down to eat with family for a bean supper, complete with B&M Brown Bread and your favorite Kayem Hot Dogs.




Hoo Mee Chow MeinHoo-Mee Chow Mein Mix with Gravy

Fall River’s own Oriental Chow Mein Company has been producing their famous Hoo-Mee Chow Mein mix since 1926. We love the noodles crisp texture and the traditional taste of the gravy. Different meats and vegetables can be added to make it your very own creation.




heritage-mills-milk-lunch-crackers-12-3-oz-8We’ve got our biggest sale of the year happening on Heritage Mill’s Milk Lunch Crackers. These are great for stuffing recipes, dipping, and snacking. Right now, you can an entire case (12 boxes) for just $34.99. Get the deal while it lasts!

New England Themed Football Party

The New England Patriots proved they are indeed the AFC champions when they nearly shut out the Indianapolis Colts with a 45-7 win. It was a proud day to be a New Englander! As Tom Brady and the rest of the team prepares for the Super Bowl on Sunday February 1st it’s time you start prepping the menu. Host a New England themed football party complete with New England Favorites! Here are some ideas to kick it off right!

New England Themed Football Party Ideas

New England football partyStart off the football party with good old fashioned clam chowder by Bar Harbor and SeaWatch. Both chowders are easy to make and full of flavor. If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd, make clam chowder shooters and garnish with a clam cake! We suggest using Kenyon’s  popular clam cake mix. Since you are making them small they will take less time to cook. Continue reading

Lunch Milk Crackers Bring Fond Memories


Heritage Mills Lunch Milk Crackers

Classic Lunch Milk Crackers by Heritage Mills have been described as, ” a great snack cracker” but at we think they are more than that. Through discussions with relatives, costumers, and foodie fans alike, we have found that these lunch milk crackers do more than just fill our stomachs. Individuals who grew up eating milk crackers know that there are fond memories attached to every serving of light and crispy crackers. Like Diane, who shared this fond moment of her and her grandfather on our Facebook page:

“When I was a kid, my grandfather would lay several [ lunch milk crackers ] on a plate, heat boiling water and slowly pour over them and then drain water off and sprinkle sugar or cinnamon sugar on them and give me a spoon! They were yummy…”

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Never Fail Fudge Recipe

Marshmallow Fluff is still produced by the same batch process developed over 75 years ago – it’s the only marshmallow creme made in this manner. It also serves as the perfect ingredient in your fudge recipe–might we add “Never Fail Fudge” to this statement?  As you may have experienced fudge made with Marshmallow Fluff is deliciously rich and difficult to mess up!

fudge recipe

Would you believe that Marshmallow Fluff started out of the kitchen of two war veterans? Well, as the story goes, two men named H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower did just that in 1920 after acquiring the recipe from Archibald Query of Somerville, MA. Mr. Query had begun the business of fluff in 1917, but the strains of wartime shortages left sales dwindling. He was however willing to sell, and did so for $500. (Bet he wished he kept it!) During the evening, Durkee and Mower would cook that sugary confection in the kitchen and sell door to door during the day. At that time the men had chosen the name of “Toot Sweet Marshmallow Fluff” – that name did not last for long, as we all know to refer to the magical sweet stuff as “Marshmallow Fluff” but the sales did last!

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Spindrift Ginger Beer: The Spicy Gingerman

ginger beer cocktail

The holidays are upon us, so right now most of us are in the midst of deciding where to spend the holidays–will it be at Aunt Sally’s house or perhaps at your own home? The preceding question would then be: What are we going to have?

Well, first you would want the item(s) to be festive, fun, and flavorful. So might we suggest serving the Spicy Gingerman Cocktail? Our version is specifically made with Spindrift Ginger Beer because their products are made with fresh squeezed fruits, tripled filtered water, and always refreshing. Spindrift’s Ginger Beer is made with 4-6g fresh ginger root and freshly squeezed lemon in ever 12 oz. bottle–how’s that for refreshing?

Read on for the full recipe.

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Holiday Sale–Ends 12/12/14

December 25th is approaching and this is the week to consider a gift of your favorite fresh baked New England foods. Our holiday sale this week has prices up to 30% off!

Holiday Sale


Everyone wants to get their holiday shopping finished early but when the gift is fresh baked or perishable you also want the order to be received as fresh and as close to the holiday event as possible. is happy to accommodate! Simply leave us a message in the comments section when you check out if you would like your shipment delivered by a certain day! We will do our best to hit your target delivery date within 1 business day* Continue reading