Snack like You’re at a New England Seafood Shack

Hey friends and foodies!


We’re excited to feature one of our all-time favorite summer items. It’s a New England classic, it’s delicious, and it instantly makes us reminisce on that sand still stuck in your toes, gloriously sleepy, sun-soaked, post-beach feeling we got when we’d stop for stuffies on the way home from a long day in the ocean.

whaler-seafood-spicy-stuffed-quahogs-12-pack-5Stuffies, otherwise known as stuffed quahogs, are the perfect blend of, you guessed it, stuffing and quahogs. Here in New England, because of our Portuguese roots, we also have ‘spicy’ stuffed quahogs that feature Portuguese bread and some spices that add an extra kick.

We’ve even heard from our non-seafood loving friends that stuffies on our their list of favorite summer foods as they usually don’t have quite the typical seafood bite as say fresh clams or fish. You can find our full line here.

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