Pick Up Something Sweet for Your Valentine


Hey friends and foodies,

We cannot believe how quickly this year is already going back…but here we are, stocking up on chocolates and cards for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to buy a uniquely New England gift for the special someone (or everyone!) in your life, we put together a little guide to help you narrow down the perfect gift for everyone.

If you’re planning on ordering some goodies for next week, please note the special shipping requirements section for ship days and delivery times for certain fresh baked and perishable items. Standard shipping not guaranteed to arrive by Valentine’s Day. You can use code CRUSH for 10% off your order this week.

For your co-workers:

Pick up a batch of Harvest Sweets candy to give to your office mates – the chocolate on the outside makes them decadent and sweet and the fruit inside makes us adults feel just a little less guilty about indulging! The Dark Chocolate Raspberry truffles are a fan favorite – and festive!

For your littlest Valentine’s lunch box:

drake-s-favorites-variety-4-pack-4-boxes-9Pack the snack they really want on a day filled with sweets – Drake’s Snack Cakes are the perfect size for lunch boxes and just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. You can pick up a  variety pack that includes Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Coffee Cakes and Yodels so you can get everyone’s favorite in one pack.


For your hunny: 

If your special someone is a true New England fan, skip the box of chocolates and pair the bouquet of flowers with a variety pack of Peggy Lawton cookies or brownies. Grab the biggest pack (which includes Fudge Brownies and the Chunk Chocolate Cookies with the sweet tastes of Peggy’s Choco-Chip, Oatmeal, and Butter Crunch Cookies!) to have your sweets covered well after the last discounted candy has been removed the shelves.


Sending you a big virtual hug before the holiday!

Have a great week,

The Gang at FamousFoods

Happy National Blueberry Pie Day!

screenshot-www.canva.com 2015-04-14 11-23-04

 There’s a day to celebrate blueberry pie?

Our only answer to that is, “Yes, of course!” When you think of flavors for pie filling, blueberry is within the top ten. If you don’t believe us ask the nearest person next to you to name off ten different pie flavors. New Englanders have been eating blueberry pies since Columbus landed from sailing the ocean blue. And TownTalk has been baking them since 1924 with only the best blueberries possible! Wild Maine Blueberries are harvested for Table Talk Pies which are still baked in Worcestor, MA. Celebrate National Blueberry Pie Day on April 28th with the best, Table Talk Pies!

Blueberries in Maine