Famous Foods Feature: Chow Mein

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Hey friends and foodies!

This week, we wanted to spotlight a New England classic: Chow mein! More specifically, the Hoo Mee mix and the crunchy, delicious noodles that pair so well with it.

chow-mein-mix-hoo-mee-12-pack-7Since 1926, Fall River’s own Oriental Chow Mein Company has been producing their famous Hoo-Mee brand of Chow Mein mix. This recognizable yellow box has been turning out mouth-watering Chinese dishes for generations of New Englanders.

To this day if you walk into any Chinese restaurant in southeastern MA and order a chow mein sandwich the Hoo Mee brand of chow mein noodles and gravy mix are likely to be the main ingredients. Everyone has a preference when it comes to the preparation of their chow mein sandwich whether it’s strained or with vegetables, chicken, pork, beef, scallops, or shrimp.

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-The Gang at Famous Foods


Grilling Favorites with Famous Foods

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Hey friends and foodies!

We’re willing warm weather our way here in the Northeast after what feels like endless gray skies and drenching March and April showers. We’ve got sun, fun, and outdoor dining on the brain and want to share some of our favorites that you can stock for the summer or just to bring a taste of the season indoors while we wait for the sun!

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You can find our full line of Portuguese meats and seafood which are always great to have on hand for quick, easy, and tasty dinners.

gaspar-s-sampler-36If you’re looking to stock up with a sampler where you can try a little bit of everything from New England classic Gaspar’s. We have put together a special to make ordering easy and take the guesswork out of ordering if you’re trying Gaspar’s products for the first time.




Fenway Franks Pork and BeefNeed just to get back to basics with hotdogs? Try Fenway Franks! There’s likely nothing more “New England” than an official Fenway Frank at Fenway Park. Be sure to complete the look with our split top New England style hot dog buns and Cain’s condiments.


Happy ordering! Have a great week, friends!

-The Gang at Famous Foods

Last Chance to Order for Easter with Famous Foods!

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Hey friends and foodies!

With just one week before the Easter holiday, we wanted to give a gentle nudge on placing your order for some of our traditional New England favorites – particularly the Easter sweet breads from Amaral’s Bakery!

This week, you can use code EASTER for 10% off your order and please be mindful of shipping times for any fresh items (like breads or meats) that you order this week to ensure your order arrives in time.

portuguese-mini-easter-sweetbread-with-1-hard-boiled-egg-6-pack-59Portuguese Mini Easter Sweet Bread with One Egg

This package includes six individual size Mini Easter Sweetbreads with one hard boiled egg baked in each mini loaf. these loaves are baked to golden perfection; a sweet outer layer encompasses the soft delicious center.



portuguese-sweetbread-13-oz-68Portuguese Sweetbread

Bite into a slice and you will be amazed at the sweet taste and soft texture. Breakfast restaurants up and down the coast use Amaral’s Portuguese Sweetbread to make tasty French toast. Many people will cut it into slices and eat without added butter or jams; you just don’t need it with this sweetbread! Toast it in the morning to get your day started or serve with dinner.

sliced-portuguese-sweetbread-13-oz-65Sliced Portuguese Sweet Bread

From the coast of Sao Miguel, Amaral’s Bakery has brought the delicious Portuguese Sweetbread to the Southcoast for over fifty years! The perfected recipe has created the best-known sweetbread in the entire area. Make the prep work easy and buy the pre-sliced version!



That’s all for this week – enjoy the holiday with your friends, family, and some of our delicious favorites from Amaral’s!

-The Gang at Famous Foods


Stock Up On Spring Favorites!

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Hey friends and foodies!

We hope the weather where you are is starting to take a turn for the better and you’re enjoying some early spring sunshine and flowers. Here in New England, we’re looking forward to backyard grilling and days on the beach while trying to enjoy all the beautiful things that spring brings us. We’re feeling a bit nostalgic today and focusing on some of our classics – you know, the foods that are so yummy that it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or what the weather is outside!

Here are some of our must-have pantry and food staples:

Hoo-Mee Cho Mein is the perfect item to keep in your cabinet for when dinner needs to be fast, simple, and yummy. You can serve up a steaming bowl of Chow Mein with crunchy noodles or pile it all into a sandwich – either way, it’s delicious!









If you’re planning on sticking close to home and your own grill, now is the perfect time to load the freezer with a variety of meat so you can have your choice of Kayem Franks or some traditional Portuguese meats like linguica. Remember when your grandmother used to keep bread in the freezer? Grab hot dog buns while you’re at it and toss them in there!

And don’t forget the snacks – indulge your sweet tooth.  Peggy Lawton treats are a local favorite!

Enjoy the weather and get yourself a Peggy Lawton brownie – you deserve it!

-The Gang at Famous Foods

Famous Foods Spring Fling Favorites

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Hey friends and foodies!

We’re not QUITE at the point where we can call the weather in the Northeast ‘spring’, but we’re getting closer each day and looking forward to that extra hour of precious daylight in just a couple of weeks! With the promise of sunshine and spring showers on the horizon, we’re starting to think about our Easter plans and how we prep for warmer weather with our menus and pantry staples.

This week, you can use code SPRING for 10% off your entire order.

Easter Sweetbread 2 EggsPortuguese Easter Sweetbread

Back in stock for Easter! This sweetbread that has hardboiled eggs baked into the loaf, is made from an old family recipe that began over fifty years ago in Sao Miguel, Portugal! In the spring, this Portuguese Sweetbread is purchased for Easter, the eggs in the bread symbolize rebirth.

drake-s-favorites-variety-4-pack-4-boxes-18Drake’s Favorites Variety Four-Pack

Enjoy their most popular snack cakes with Drake’s Favorites Variety 4 Pack containing one box of Coffee Cakes, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, and Yodels.  Four boxes in all.  Makes a great nostalgic gift for anyone who grew up with these tasty baked snacks!



portuguese-spices-seasonings-2Flavors of Portugal 

We bring the great flavors of Portugal, the Islands, and Southern New England Portuguese to the many people who once lived or visited these places, or have not had the opportunity to taste or get these products. FamousFoods.com is proud to offer Portuguese favorites, such as Gaspar’s linguica and chourico, bacalhau, Saloio olive oil, and Gonsalves hot chopped peppers and black olives.

Have a great last week of February! Cheers to warmer weather and spring flings!

-The Gang at Famous Foods




Now Back in Stock: Monarch Salt Free Seasoning.

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Hey friends and foodies!

The longest part of the winter is here in New England – we’re pretty much just counting down the days until spring at that point but still dealing with cold temperatures that make us want to stay inside and warm up with some of our winter favorites. Save 10% this week with coupon code: FEBRUARY

BACK IN STOCK: Monarch Organic Salt Free Seasoning Packets

This week, we are excited to announce the return of one of our more popular products: Monarch’s Organic Salt Free Seasoning Blend. These single serve seasoning packets are the top choice of many healthcare facilities for their ability to add flavor without adding sodium to the meal. Perfect for folks on a low sodium diet!


Here are some additional items on our winter menu this week – two are great easy meals and one is a nice treat as a snack or for a delicious breakfast!


Bar Harbor New England Clam Chowder

Bar Harbor Clam Chowder is made in small batches like people on the Maine coast have been doing for generations. It’s loaded with juicy clams and simple, all-natural ingredients.  It’s as close to fresh off the docks of Maine as you can get without being here.



Bell’s Meatloaf Mix 

Bell’s Meatloaf Mix has been a family favorite for over 40 years. This new, more flavorful recipe goes back to its roots and the original formula while delivering the quality you’ve come to expect from Bell’s.  Made with genuine Bell’s Seasoning.


portuguese-sweetbread-13-oz-19Amaral’s Bakery Portuguese Sweetbread

Many people will cut it into slices and eat it without added butter or jams; you just don’t need it with this sweet bread! Toast it in the morning to get your day started or serve it with dinner as a sweet twist on toast.


Acoreana Portuguese Pulled Pork Caçoila

Hunker down and warm up with some good old fashioned comfort food! One of our favorites this time of year is a flavorful Cacoila sandwich. Just the right ammount of spice to warm you up on a winter evening!

See you next week!

The Gang at Famous Foods

Stock Up on Snacks for the Winter with Famous Foods

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Hi friends and foodies!

As we get ready to tackle another month of winter (and step a bit closer to spring,) we’re still stocking our cabinets with some cozy, yummy favorites that make the gray days of winter a little bit better.

Grab some of our New England favorites this week and save 15% on your order with code JAN15

heritage-mills-milk-lunch-crackers-12-3-oz-27Heritage Mills Milk Lunch Crackers

BLOW OUT SALE – THIS WEEK ONLY! $3.33/box when you buy 12 or more!

These round classic crackers, oozing with nostalgia and charm, are light and crispy with a hint of sweetness that can be perfectly paired with a glass of milk, coffee, or tea. Also low in cholesterol and fat.



cranberry-bog-frogs-box-8-oz-41Cranberry Bog Frogs Box

Cranberry Bog Frogs are a uniquely New England confectionary that makes us Cape Codders say “yum” after every bite. Sweet cranberries, roasted cashews, and gooey caramel are mixed before luscious chocolate is layered on.



drake-s-boston-creme-yodels-2-boxes-27Drake’s Boston Cream Yodels

Indulge in the symphony of Drake’s Boston Creme Yodels, the latest masterpiece in snack-time from Drake’s Cakes. Each Boston Creme Yodel offers a delicious twist to your day with its Boston creme-flavored filling, elegantly spiraled within the cake.



We hope you find some delicious!

Happy snacking,

-The Gang at Famous Foods